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Traditional welding tables


Tables for demanding, professional welders!

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Traditional welding table PRO 3000x1480


Tables for a welder who values accuracy!

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Traditional welding table PLUS 3000x1480


Tables for people welding light structures

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Traditional welding table ECO 1200x1000


Tables for hobby welders!

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Welding Table DIY

Modular welding tables

During the execution of welded constructions a very large part of the time, even eighty-five percent, takes the preparation of the material for the welding process. The remaining fifteen percent is used for welding alone. For this reason, the most precise positioning of the components of the structure in the shortest possible time significantly affects the high quality and optimal profitability of the production process.

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Modular welding table
Additional equipment for

Traditional Welding Tables

Demonstration structures mounted on the Traditional Welding Tables

A wide range of tools, accessories, and chemicals for the maintenance of the working surface of welding tables.

Tooling PRO Tooling PLUS Tooling ECO
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Order does matter! Our tool trolleys will help you to organize your place of work in a simple way and the tools will always be at hand!
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GPPH tool trolleys

Grinding-welding station

Grinding-welding station GPPH

The grinding-welding station is intended for capturing and removing the dust and gases formed during grinding with a hand grinder or welding and metalworking operations. The station may be used with an exhaust fan or fan-powered filter equipment.

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