Technical and commercial consulting

Sales Department

Anna Najuch pl en de
Key Account Specialist

[email protected] Tel. +48 574-118-113

Natalia Tarnawska pl
Sales specialist

[email protected] Tel. 575-913-170

Justyna Zubrzycka pl en
Sales specialist

[email protected] Tel. +48 576-522-722

Patrycja Guerrien pl fr
Sales specialist

[email protected] Tel. +48 534-172-741

Mateusz Gaj pl en
Sales specialist [email protected] Tel. +48 578-433-233

Administration & Invoicing Department

Sylwia Dziadzio
Administration manager

[email protected] Tel. +48 537-699-899

Edyta Kopeć
Chief accountant

[email protected] Tel. +48 574-449-446

Iwona Krawczyk

[email protected] Tel. +48 536-117-113

Kinga Parylak
Office administrator

[email protected] Tel. +48 795-022-322

Anna Strzelczyk
Office administrator

[email protected] Tel. +48 795-022-322

Bernadeta Ciejka
Office administrator

[email protected] Tel. +48 576-109-104

Kinga Słomba
HR specialist

[email protected] Tel. +48 574-866-566
Marketing Department

Monika Kobos
Brand manager

[email protected] Tel. +48 535-022-060

Michał Ochęduszko
Product manager

[email protected] Tel. +48 730-513-515

Barbara Basztura-Piłat
Marketing specialist

[email protected] Tel. +48 570-553-585
Production Department

Marcin Konefał
Production manager

[email protected] Tel. +48 574-157-151

Mateusz Słodkowski
Technology manager

[email protected] Tel. +48 537-144-944
logistics Department

Szymon Wrzask
Logistics specialist

[email protected] Tel. +48 733-180-186
Purchasing department

Marta Pieróg
Purchasing specialist

[email protected] Tel. 578-211-200

Krzysztof Rzeźnik

[email protected]

Wiesław Piechota

[email protected]

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