Rotary welding positioner

Mainly used to implement the relevant technological processes to improve welding quality and speed. Positioner makes the stabilization of the item as well as handling it much easier hence to which the work is fast, efficient, safe, and work pieces of standard and irregular shapes are easy accessible and precisionally made.

Rotary welding positioner with control pedals

Operations such as preparation, positioning, selection of welding parameters and fixing, the operator performs manually with the unit switched off. The actual working operation is performed at a properly prepared workplace. The operator performs welding manually, the welded material is rotating around its own axle manually or automatically depending on previously saved parameters.

    The positioner's main advantages are:
  • increase in work efficiency and lowering production costs
  • increase in safety and improvement of work ergonomics
  • effortless positioning of welded items and better organization of the workplace

    The above advantages are possible to achieve due to innovative solutions of the welding positioner, these are:
  • smooth rotation of the welding positioner’s table
  • innovative automatic mode affecting precision and repeatability of work
  • possibility of welding pipes using a ø50mm hole
  • compatibility with welding tables in system 28
  • stable and ergonomic construction.
GPPH Rotary welding positioner

Technical parameters of rotary welding positioner

  • Stable and solid construction
  • The highest quality of workmanship
  • Supply voltage 230 / 50Hz
  • Max. load capacity with horizontal table position: 70kg
  • Max. load capacity with vertical table position: 30kg
  • Max. diameter of through hole: 50mm
  • The range of manual table tilt adjustment: 0° - 90°
  • Smooth regulation of the rotational speed of the table: 0 - 20 rpm
  • Rotary table #15mm with holes in System 28
  • Wide range of centering engravings for lathe chucks
  • Manual and automatic operation mode
  • 50W power consumption
  • Dimensions: 0.5x0.5xH0.5m
  • Weight approx. 25 kg
  • The machine has a CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Net price: 1 960 €*

Applied systems:

  • LPM (Low Power Movement) - stable power and table rotation speed at both low and high speeds
  • SPC (System of Protect Conduction) - conduction implemented through special brushes in the welding head
  • SES (Separated Electronic System) - separating electronic components from the device case by means of galvanic isolation
  • DPC (Double Protect Control) - two safety switches, first located on the device case, second on the control pedal
  • SPS (Support of Perfect Stability) - a system for setting the right angle with a pressure knob securing the table inclination, together with the armrest stabilizing the position of the hand

* - Net price.
The prices do not include transport charges.
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